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What does a College Coach look for in a Middle Blocker/Hitter?

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January 18, 2021
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January 18, 2021
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What does a College Coach look for in a Middle Blocker/Hitter?

Every college coach is looking for something a little different in the middle blocker/hitter position depending on their teams style of play and their own personal preferences. In addition, each division is looking for something a little different as well.

D1 Middle Blocker/Hitter

A Division 1 Coach is generally looking for a very physical middle. When I say physical, I mean a player who is very aggressive and really knows and has the ability to use their height and athleticism to their advantage and the advantage of the team. A Division 1 middle blocker/hitter generally is 6’3” or taller and can touch above 10’. As a middle at the Division 1 level you have to be able to move side to side extremely efficiently. In addition, they must be able to be available to hit on all passes or digs in front of the ten foot line.

D2 Middle Blocker/ Hitter

A Division 2 Coach is generally looking for a very athletic and jumpy middle. A middle at the D2 level is generally not quite as tall, usually 5’9” and up and touching 9’9” or more. As a middle at the D2 level it is important that you are able to use your size to your advantage and that you know how to make yourself bigger than you are by covering a large area on blocking and getting up in transition.


As a recruit a good way to know if you will fit into a program is to watch their current players and see if you have similar features as they do such as, height, block and approach touch, physicality, and athleticism. This can be a great way to judge where you may stand in their program and how you would fit into their current system. Now this is not always the case due to changes in coaches and coaching styles, but it can be a good place to start.

Every program and division are slightly different, but the biggest key is knowing what you are capable of and then watching what the schools you are potentially interested in expect out of their middles, This will allow you to judge if you are going to be able to fill that role if you commit to that school. In addition, it can never hurt to ask a coach what their plans are for you if you commit to their school to ensure that your plans and theirs are insync.

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