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Tips On Emailing College Coaches From A College Coach

What do College Coaches look for in your position?
January 18, 2021
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Tips On Emailing College Coaches From A College Coach

In addition to being one of our Recruiting Coordinators, Jess Enderle is the Head Women’s Volleyball Coach at Fisk University (NAIA). Coach Enderle receives dozens and dozens of emails daily. Today, she’s sharing her tips for what she and other college coaches like to see in emails and what makes them want to learn more about the sender.

As a college coach, what makes you read an email from a PSA?

You will grab my attention as a college coach if your email is 1) short, sweet and to the point and 2) if it includes film. Coaches are busy people and most of the time they are catching an email on their way to…. practice, weights, player meetings, department meetings, etc. I know if I have an extra five minutes during my day, then I am going to try to knock out some recruit emails and we get A LOT of recruit emails daily.

I really like when a PSA has done their homework about our program or institution prior to emailing us. For example, last week I had a PSA reach out and mention she was interested in a dual enrollment program our university offers jointly with another school. She then explained me how that program fit into her career path. I loved it! To me she seemed really invested in what our school has to offer.

What makes you close an email before you finish?

Emails that are sent to multiple coaches. There are a lot of companies out there who tell athletes if they send an email through their platform, that we get a personalized email on our end. That is kind of true? Those emails usually include our name and the name of our institution, but we know it went out to a blast list of schools. It’s just hard to invest time in those types of emails knowing that the athlete hasn’t really done their homework, so we assume there is not a big interest on the end of the PSA.

My newest pet peeve is when I get an email from PSA that looks like a text/Instagram message they sent their friend. Sending an informal email to someone who works in higher ed isn’t the best look, so I recommend putting your best foot forward.

What’s important to include (video, height, touch, club, why you’re interested, etc.)?

You will always want to make sure you include your details (height, position, grad year, GPA and test scores, club/team) and a brief explanation of why you want to go to that school. Keep the email at no more than two paragraphs any longer than a coach would probably move on. Don’t forget to include the highlight video!

What can be left out?

Don’t feel like you must include every bit of information in one email. It’s best to hold some information out and send additional follow up emails. Also, be sure to keep out any negative comments regarding your current teammates and/or coaches.

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